E-Day: Fraud, Riots and Calls for Annulment

Trip Leader Dave Fils-Aimé films the riots in lower Port-au-Prince, led by Wyclef Jean and Michel Martelly. Wyclef is a was former band member of The Fuguees, and an aspirant to the Presidency of Haiti until the Conseil Electoral Provisionnel rejected his candidacy.  Michel Martelly is also a musician and a current presidential candidate.  Martelly is among 12 presidental candidates (out of 18) who have claimed that yesterday’s elections were a fraud and should be cancelled.  You will have to wait until we screen our documentary to see this amazing piece of footage, but check out “Election Time,” Wyclef’s music video here.

Trip Leader Alexandra van Nievelt writes another article about the group’s experiences on E-Day, in Chilean newspaper El Mercurio. Check it out if you can read in Spanish!

Translated excerpt:

Others fear for their physical integrity.  “I am here in front of the camera so that they won’t shoot me in the streets later,” says a man.  “They told me that either I voted for Célestin or I didn’t vote at all.”  Someone murmurs that the supporters of the pro-government candidate “have guns” and that our interviewee is going to “get in trouble.”  Even so, dozens of people surround the cameramen to repeat to the world the same thing over and over again: there are no elections in Haiti.”

By Alexandra van Nievelt (alexandra.vannievelt@yale.edu)

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One Response to E-Day: Fraud, Riots and Calls for Annulment

  1. Universite Quisqueya / Raoul junior Joseph says:

    I was there! On November 26 at Undh. I’m glad to follow you and would lik. To read a common report from all the 9 undergraduate students in the mission YALE/ election (Haiti)

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